Berries Bring Joy in 2020

2020 has definitely been a year that we will always remember.   For our youth, it has presented many new challenges and changes.  Everything that was “normal” and familiar has been exchanged with the strange and unknown.  This is particularly true for those children who already exist in a place of trial and hardship.  Our community’s unswerving support of Brayden’s Berry Stand has allowed Brayden, and his family, to continue to step into the gap by supporting children in foster care in our county.  The My NeighbOR program is an emergency response system through, which provides a way for Brayden to use some of the funds he raised to address immediate needs of children and their foster families.  This immediate response to needs is a new addition to Brayden’s project, which has had a meaningful impact.  Brayden has also continued to make Welcome boxes and Boxes of Love throughout the year.  Welcome Boxes are for children awaiting placement with a foster family.  Boxes of Love are for newborn babies that are going home from the hospital directly into foster care.   Both of these types of support boxes are distributed by Embrace Oregon.  You can learn more about these at  Brayden continues to have a heart for this mission and is grateful for the continued support of those who share his vision. 

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