Spreading Kindness

The summer of 2017 is off to a berry good start!  Brayden’s Berry Stand has been flush with delicious berries and opportunities to spread joy and share about the mission.

Brayden’s Berry Stand is successful, in large part,  due to the love and support of our community.  We now have two more families donating their home-grown raspberries!  This means our family spends many hours hand picking berries at our own property, and now two other properties as well.  To our donating families:  We owe you much gratitude! For your time, helping us pick, and for your generosity in supporting Brayden’s mission with your bounty.

We began this summer with a wonderful opportunity for Brayden to share about his mission in an interview with KATU’s Debora Knapp.  This provided an amazing platform to give voice to the why behind what Brayden does, and to shed light on the wonderful work that Embrace Oregon does supporting foster families.



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